We believe in transparency , honesty and respect with our customers and employees.

Our core values are based on a customer oriented approach and we respect and listen to our consumers.

Our strength is our hardworking team who uphold high standards and pursue excellence in everything they do.

Our team members demonstrate sharing values like integrity, respect, courage, transparency, balance and have a collaborative approach.

Excellence is simply just one of our company’s values which is based on our motivation to give the best quality products and services.

We are committed to sustainability, innovation and excellence.

We have built our foundation on integrity and we are passionate to continuously focus on improving our products and services.

Our team members accept and delegate responsibility to deliver the best products.

What We Do

Rama Phosphates Ltd (RPL) is engaged in manufacturing Phosphatic Fertilizers viz. Single Super Phosphate (SSP) in Powder as well as Granule form, Mixed Fertilizers namely NPK of various grades, Fortified Fertilizers namely Boronated Single Super Phosphate (Powder and Granule), Micronutrients namely Magnesium Sulphate.

Chemicals like Sulphuric AcidOleum, and Labsa.

Oil division is engaged in extraction of Soya Oil with value-added product Lecithin.


RAMA has built its foundation on integrity and we are passionate to continuously focus on improving our products and services.


RAMA’S strength lies in the practice and quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds.

RAMA gives importance to their thoughts and their experiences which further enrichens the working atmosphere. It has evolved by inculcating our Core Values.



We follow a strong practice of Integrity and follow a consistent uncompromising adherence to upholding strong moral and ethical principles and values throughout our company and to all our stakeholders.


We are committed to giving the Best Quality Products and Services to our customers on time and are dedicated to our persistent drive for excellence. We remain committed to both the potential as well as to the Agricultural generations in the future.


We put our customers first in our efforts, in terms of energy, products, time, safety and services.  We respond quickly to all our customers with a sense of urgency and professionalism.



Our desire for success is only exceeded by our commitment.  We relentlessly aim to achieve goals and objectives with highest energy and zeal.  We Love What We  Do and we are passionate in helping the farmers to increase the sustainability and profitability of their produce.


Objective of the responsibility is to deliver the highest quality of goods to our esteemed customers.  We have a sustained responsibility with a desire to satisfy the needs and exceed expectations ethically and professionally towards all our stakeholders.


We believe in having a transparent work culture where all employees can communicate with each other and exchange ideas.  This helps to build trust and knowledge sharing among peers and further helps acceptance of responsiblities not only to oneself but also to the company’s values.  We are also transparent with all our customers and make sure of giving them the best quality products and services.

We care for the environment and welfare of the human community

Letter from Chairman/MD and CFO

15th March’2021

Dear Colleagues,

If, we look about 2020, many negative words will come up – pain, confusion, losses, panic, uncertainty, yet when I look at RAMA this year past, there are only positive words that come to mind – Determination, Togetherness, Strong Efforts, Resilience and great Success.

Despite all the challenges faced by us and there were many tough ones, we not only survived, we  together succeeded in reaching a higher place in the industry. 

There are many things that we can look back on with pride. Let me talk about a few:

  • Each and every one of us, united under RAMA banner, stepped up, despite the personal trials and challenges caused by Covid, to keep the Company going. 


  • In the Fertilizer Industry, Rama Phosphates Ltd is one of the nation’s leaders in SSP and Acid Industry and I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks for all your efforts. 


  • During the last year, some of our colleagues and their family members were affected by the disease. I am sorry for their pain and turbulence which they have to go through.


  • We are proud that in spite of the Covid Pandemic, our Project teams worked fearlessly together to implement and commissioned 2 new projects- LABSA plant and SULPHURIC ACID plant and their derivatives for which the benefits will occur in the coming years.


  • It’s a matter of great pride that, even at the height of the lockdown, we continued to supply material across many states for critical uses in the Agricultural Industry.


  • We kept the SSP/Acid plant operating at maximum utilization, work which took stupendous effort, meticulous planning and impeccable execution.


  • The business displayed great resilience in mobilizing our people including from all over to run all the plants, implementing thorough monsoon preparedness measures and ensuring continuity of supplies to key customers which enabled them to supply fertilizer to farmers,


  • All of RAMA moved very quickly into high gear.  All our teams from all departments be it Marketing, Finance, Management, HR, Logistics, etc all worked hand-in-hand together as One.  The Unit teams worked hand-in-hand to ensure continuity of operations with all safety protocols and together anticipated requirements for various scenarios from production to despatch to make sure it was of the best Quality and reached our customers in time. Together we overcame many new challenges successfully.


  • We kept our commitment to the communities we work in, supporting them through hospital equipment, food rations, masks, sanitization measures, and more.


Despite the pandemic, RAMA was able to deliver consistent performance in all three quarters. Now 2020 is behind us. What will sustain us in 2021 is our past experience and our resilience – we have learned that by pulling together as a team, we can overcome the unexpected, and face the future as a stronger team. For me, the biggest positive takeaway from 2020 is that RAMA will continue to demonstrate the same winning spirit, agility, creativity, and teamwork that makes us an exemplar among our peers. That is indeed something wonderful to look forward to. Together we all at Rama can look forward to making a difference in the growth of the Agriculture Sector.



Haresh Ramsinghani.                                                                                                                                                                                J.K. Parakh

Chairman/Managing Director.                                                                                                                                                                   Chief Financial Officer

Rama Phosphates Ltd                                                                                                                                                                              Rama Phosphates Ltd                                                                  

Rama Phosphates Limited (RPL) is one of the largest manufacturers of SSP in India. The products of RPL are marketed in various States in the country under brand name of “Girnar” and “Suryaphool”. Both the brands are leading brands in the States of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Haryana, Gujarat, etc.