Single Super Phosphate (SSP) is the oldest chemical fertilizer manufactured in India with multi-nutrient as it contains 16% P2O5 as prime content with additional nutrients of 11% Sulphur, 21% Calcium and Minerals in Traces. The main attraction and utility of SSP is that it is cheaper in cost and available at 1/4th price of DAP & MAP and 2/3rd price of MOP without compromising on overall input value. It is more suited for crops like
The very first Single Super Phosphate (SSP) Industry was set up in Ranipet in Tamilnadu in the year 1906 with meager annual capacity of 6000 MT. This was followed-up with commissioning of the large scale fertilizer complex by The Fertilizer & Chemicals Travancore of India Ltd. (FACT) at Cochin in Kerala in the year 1943 and also the Fertilizers Corporation of India (FCI) at Sindri in Bihar with a view to establish an industrial base
For achieving desired growth in general, plants need sunlight, water and minerals and there are only a few soils on earth which have a sufficient content and availability of plant nutrients to achieve high yields over a longer period without fertilization. Moreover, fertilizer also compensates the nutrient loss by harvest. Fertilizers are a key component in the growth of India’s agriculture sector, which accounts for about a seventh of the country’s GDP. Therefore it is