MANUFACTURING FACILITIES

Basic infrastructure like land, electricity, water, etc., are the main components for setting up any manufacturing industry. Apart from these basic requirements, our fertilizer industry needs to cater to the local demands in the vicinity of operation. Keeping this as our prime motto at Rama Phosphates Limited, we have set up our fertilizer manufacturing units in the States/location where our product consumption is at its peak.

Hence, we have our manufacturing facilities in Pune & Dhule in Maharashtra, Indore in Madhya Pradesh, and Udaipur & Nimbahera in Rajasthan. These States and their adjoining locations consume about 60% of the total SSP Fertilizer consumption and thus we have a clear location advantage to meet the demands of the farming community.

                   FERTILIZER DIVISION -INDORE            

 Rama Phosphates Limited (RPL) has state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for production of Single Super  Phosphate(SSP) in both Granule and Powder form and Sulphuric Acid which is used mainly for captive consumption and also to caters    to the requirement of local customers in its place of operations at Indore, Pune and Udaipur.

RPL’s Indore plant has an installed capacity of 2,50,000 MT of SSP and 1,55,000 MT of Sulphuric Acid. The Company has a in-house captive power generation facility which is generated by exo-thermic heat produced in the process of manufacturing Sulphuric Acid.

The Turbo generator power generation is one of the most efficient power producing system with all imported equipments from Japan and Germany. The entire power requirement of the unit is fully met with generated power and thus there is no need for the company to purchase power from outside agencies. In addition, company has a stand-by Diesel Generator system which can cater to the entire requirement of the plant at its peak level.

RPL’s Sulphuric Acid plant is set up with DCDA technology and is one of the pioneers of Sulphuric Acid plant in M.P. with a total capacity of 470 TPD including Battery Grade Acid.

We care for the environment and Welfare of the human community.


The company’s Oil division is situated next to its Fertilizer division within the same premises and has capacity of seed crushing of 1,65,000 MT at an average of 600 TPD. The company’s plant is a fully integrated plant with all requisite facilities for storage of seeds in silos, crushers, expanders, DT, Flakers, storage godown for De-oiled cake and tanks for storing crude oil.

Parallel to the crushing plant, RPL is also having its own refinery plant with Alfa Laval technology for refining crude Soya Oil of 33,000 MT at 100 TPD. The company’s brand Sufla is one of the most popular brands in Madhya Pradesh and other Northern parts of India and has won several awards from SOPA.

The main highlight of our Oil Plant is that we have been awarded ISO140001 from Japan for Environment protection in the factory premises.


RPL’s Pune plant is one of the oldest SSP plants in India has been in existence for over 50 years and is popularly known as Rama Krishi Rasayan. The plant is situated on the outskirts of city of Pune in Maharashtra and is fully integrated plant with all requisite facilities such as Railway siding, Sulphuric Acid plant, Oleum plantSSP plant, Granulation plant, Mixed fertilizers plant, Packing plants etc.

The total capacity of the plant is 1,65,000 MT of SSP and 350 TPD of GSSP, 150 TPD of Mixed fertilizers and 81600 MT of Sulphuric Acid & Oleum.

The plant also has its own captive TG power generation system wherein electricity is generated through exo-thermic heat generated in the process of production of Sulphuric Acid which partly caters to the requirement of our entire plant. In addition, our company has its own DG set which can cater to the requirement of the plant in case of emergency.

The availability of Railway siding and the strategic location of the plant has put the company in most advantageous position as it can transport its basic raw material Rock Phosphate from the mines located far away in Rajasthan as also imported Rock Phosphate from nearby ports of Mumbai and also transportation of its finished goods by rail to strategic locations situated in different parts of the country.

The company has recently launched Micronutrients namely Magnesium Sulphate to cater to the growing demand.


The raw material of Rock Phosphate mine is situated in this area and thus the availability of basic raw material is ensured for this Udaipur unit.
Our Unit is situated in Jhamar Kothra which is on the head of the Rock Phosphate mines. Thus the availability of basic raw material, i.e. Rock Phosphate has made this unit as the most strategic unit of the company. The entire unit is fully integrated with in house facilities such as rock grinding, finished goods storage including gruanules as also stand-by DG power sets.
The Company’s installed capacity is 1,81,000 MT of SSP.
At Udaipur, recently commissioned a 50 TPD capacity of LABSA (Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid) plant. This is a forward integration from which generation of Sulphuric Acid would be used for our SSP manufacturing at Udaipur.



We are delighted to inform you all that our company has acquired 52 Acquired 52 Acre Industrial land at Nardhana.,Dist Dhule maharashtra, which is bordering  dist Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh and aslo received consent to establish from Maharashtra Pollution Control  Board for setting up a new fettilizer plant.




The Company has taken on long term lease an existing operational plant at Nimbahera, Chittorgarh District, Rajasthan for manufacturing of Single Super Phosphate (Powder & Granulated).  This plant has capacity to produce 66,000 metric tonnes per annum (MTPA) of SSP fertilizers and this additional quantity would cater to the requirements in the nearby vicinity farming community.