Soya Oil and doc


Soya bean oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of soya bean. It is one of the widely consumed cooking oils. Before extraction of crude oil, soya seed passes through many intermediate process like seed cleaning, cracking of seed, cooking of seed & lastly flaking & drying of oil bearing material.

This material carrying to extraction plant where it comes in contact with highly volatile inflammable solvent hexane in counter flow circuit.

In the distillation unit at different temperatures crude oil & hexane get separated. Soya crude oil is further refined and after removal of impurities, the same is made fit for human consumption.

    D O C


    Soya de-oiled cake is a free flowing coarse granular which is in golden yellow color. This material is produced from cleaned soya bean seeds after series of seed preparatory processes followed by multistage extraction process.

    Soya DOC is mainly used as a cattle feed & poultry feed. Soya DOC is rich in protein and nutritious. Soya DOC also used by pharma industries for medicinal purposes, it is also used as a raw material for manufacturing other food products like soya flour, soya nuggets & soya milk.


    The soya crude oil contains certain soluble and insoluble impurities that needs to be removed like phosphatides, free fatty acid, sediments, moisture, volatile matter, color etc.

    The purpose of refining is to eliminate these impurities to make the edible grade oil. The insoluble impurities are removed with filtration while the soluble impurities are removed with different processes like degumming and neutralization, washing, vacuum drying, bleaching & de-odorisation etc.




    This is the high-end product from our stable. Lecithin is a food additive that comes from several sources and one of them is soya seed. It is brown in color and viscous liquid. It is generally used as an emulsifier or binding agent or lubricant when added to food but is also used as an antioxidant & flavor protector. Lecithin has the ability to simultaneously interact with both oil & water which makes it such an effective & stable emulsifier when introduced into a system. An emulsifier such as Lecithin acts to help maintain stable emulsion between two unstable liquids. Lecithin is used for applications in human feed, animals feed, pharmaceuticals, paints & other industrial applications.